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G-lay All Type Engine Oil Additives

G-Lay Unico Graphene Engine Oil Additive All in One Type 4-25 Liter
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G-lay Unico Graphene Engine Oil additive for Below 600cc All Engine Types
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Benefits of the product

  • Fuel Saving - It helps in increasing mileage of the car up to 15%.
  • This magic oil Additive is great for your car and the environment as it reduces the amount of polluting emissions by up to 78%. Now you can help reduce humanity’s carbon footprint on the planet while boosting your engine’s performance to another level.
  • Extends life of Engine Oil up to 30,000kms.
  • 80% reduction in friction coefficient
  • 42% improvement in power
  • Engine runs smoother quieter and powerful driving
  • Reduces Mechanical failure, reduces operating part temperature
  • The engine sound reduces from 25 to 47 percent after application on G- Lay
  • The engine temperature reduces between 15 to 20 percent after application of this wonder additive

How To Use

  • Step 1: Warm up your engine for 20 minutes
  • Step 2: Shake GLay 30ml vigorously for 40-50 Times. Ensure that there is no feeling of hard
            particles on the inner edges of the sachet. Continue to shake until all the nano               Graphene material is evenly dispersed.
  • Step 3: Pour the whole content into the engine
  • Step 4: Drive your vehicle for a few kilometres


G-LAYUNICO AIO (all-in-one) type Any type of engine: petrol, diesel & LPG available Inject one 30ml pouch into oil tank for 4 - 10 liter oil capacity. Inject two 30ml pouches into oil tank for any type of big engine upon 25 liter oil capacity